The essence (English)

The Essence (English)


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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is both a very old and a very unique form of Asian-inspired bodywork. In Thai history, through the centuries, they took the best out of two very influential worlds (the chinese and the indian), with as a result arguably the best (preventive and therapeutic) health massages that one can possibly get.

Thai Yoga Massage is a balanced and perfectly coordinated choreography of deep tissue massage, acupressure and yoga-like stretchings; its effect is deep on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual body. This is truely holistic.

As an experienced masseur I perform highly varied hand-, foot-, elbow-, knee- and forearm techniques that are well targeted (along e.g. the meridians or on acupressure points) and that are also perfectly dosed.

With my hands and my knowledge I detect mal- or disfunctions. - the aim is to eliminate disruptions and blockages, so that energy and blood can flow freely again.

For a pure Thai Yoga Massage you wear smooth, easyly fitted clothing (as you would e.g. wear at a Pilates or yoga class).

Thai Oil Massage

You want the basic concept of Thai Yoga Massage being kept alive and you are in need of a very, very good oil massage. You want - for a well prolonged quality time - to transcend somewhere up there in what can best be described as 'heaven'.

High standard oils are used: e.g. a for the occasion made mixture of pleasant essential oils and/or a mixture of thai healing muscle-relaxing herbal oils that Thai call 'hot oil'. I use the exact 'right' amount of oil:: not too much - to be able to work well in depht -, and of coarse not too little, so that everything is nice and smooth. The oils are of such good quality that afterwards one doesn't feel the need to wipe it off (because the oil has been absorbed almost entirely by the skin).

Thai Oil Massage is very special: apart from the concept of Thai Yoga Massage being kept alive, I integrate techniques from other massage disciplines, eg. shiatsu, chakra massage, holistic pulsing, cranio-sacral massage, swedish massage, ... That makes it a unique experience.

The massage is given respectfully; body parts not being actively massaged are respectfully covered or draped. Also your body will always feel nice and warm in a nice and cozy environment that is entirely adapted to the occasion, in all of its aspects. I pay attention to every detail.

Given more activatingly or rather given more Relaxingly?

All massages I give are balanced and relaxing. Each massage can, however, be given rather more activatingly (more dynamic, stronger) or reather more relaxingly (softer, less firm). You have wishes - of maybe the moment - and I try to take them into account.

Before the massage there is the necessary space and time to talk about this over a drink or a cup of tea.

Therapeutic massage / non-therapeutic massage

Do you have (a) specific complaint(s), or are you being confronted with (a) specific problem(s)? Then massage therapy is used..

Both, Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Oil Massage can be given preventively (to prevent unbalancing) or therapeuticaly (to heal unbalance). Within the massage itself I can easily switch between preventive and therapeutic massage, and switch back again. Thus a massage is never entirely therapeutic or non-therapeutic.

Before the massage there is the necessary space and time to talk about this over a drink or a cup of tea.

Degree of flexibility

It does not matter whether you're stiff or super flexible; I tune in to your flexibility level.

Also I will find a good balance between your needs or wants, and what your body tells me what it needs.

Sacred dance

In fact these massages are sometimes being referred to as 'a sacred dance'. The massage is given rhythmicly. The giver leads this dance, the recipient simply tunes in and follows harmoniously, with most of the time a big and happy smile on the face.


Wether you are flexible or stiff I will adapt my massage to your skin and bone elasticity.

Natural materials and good 'listening'

Natural futon on top of typical Thai-Mats

For both types of massage you lie comfortably and relaxingly on a very large and very wide four-layer futon mat, with underneath that an even larger and wider area of semi-thick Thai mats.

This anables the bodypart that is being actively massaged – e.g. the lower leg – to slowly and smoothly bounce along.

Because of this wide and large massage area I can very comfortably massage in an ergonomicallly responsible manner.

Why is it paramount that a Thai Yoga Massage or a Thai Oil Massage be given ergonomicly, and why so that so important?

It is as important to the giver as it is to the receiver:

The pressure or the stretching or the pulling or the handling hardly comes from muscle power (e.g. from my muscles in my arm ).

The Thai Yoga Masseur works from his center of gravity points - one of which is just below the navel -; the energy comes mainly from the energetic core points, e.g. the 'hara'.

Furthermore, Instead of using muscle power, the Thai Yoga Masseur uses his own constant body movement as a means of leverage; a lot of complex, professionally well thought-through body techniques are being applied.

In order to apply the right intensity pressure that is required for a beneficial effect on a particular person (everyone is very different), an experienced and well-trained Thai Yoga Masseur is also perfectly able to sense exactly what the body limits of that particular person are.

Also, proper breathing and a proper mental attitude is of the utmost importance.

Many tourists come back from their holiday in Thailand and complain about painfully given massages.

Hence the big differences in quality of these massages.

No painfully given massages

There is 'good' and 'bad' pain.

If during the massage you experience continuous and prolonged unpleasant pain, that is 'bad pain'. In that case, the masseur or masseurse *is not skilled (enough), *brutely applies muscle strength only, *does not know about (proper) massage techniques, *is not experienced (enough), *massages with a wrong (mental) attitude, *...

Extra comfort: the eventual use of the extra Bodycushion®

This specially designed body cushion offers comfort for the whole body while lying on your belly while the backside of your body is being treated. There is no uncomfortable or unhealthy pressure on eg. the pelvis, the spine, the abdomen, the breast(s) area, the shoulders, the neck and / or the forehead.

Every single part of your body is well and comfortly supported. You can always breathe freely and you are completely relaxed.

Some of the characteristics of the massages that I give

Metta and Meditation

These are key concepts in Buddhism but they also stand central in the Thai yoga massage. Metta opens the heart and creates loving presence, attention and compassion. Meditation gives full presence in the moment, and thus e.g. a good tuning in towards the recipient.

A smooth flow

If I work from metta and meditation I'll naturerally come into the right natural flow, resulting in smooth continuous movements. This helps me to perform well all those other important aspects of the massage.

Holisticly given

This too is the strength of this massage:

Each massage includes the whole life, the whole person and the relationship between the individual and his or her environment. In case of discomforts or complaints there can be focus on the underlying factors that may influence its occurrence; this can come from the physical body, from emotions as well as from the mind or the spirit.

This provides the Thai Yoga Masseur with all the required tools to adapt the massage towards individual and particular needs. It becomes a wonderful experience for both, the giver and the recipient..

In fact these massages are sometimes being referred to as 'a sacred dance'. in a transcendantal way one could call it a sacred tango; the giver leads this yoga dance, the recipient follows harmoniously with, most of the time, a big and happy smile on the face.

In the centre of Leuven: Parking your car closeby is easy and with a bit of luck even free of charge.

Perfectly to the occasion adapted conditions

The massageroom is pleasant, atmospheric, cozy, warm, spacious, practical. The music is adapted to the occasion. Your body always feels warm, safe and secure.

All necessary comfort is being provided for: natural and ergonomic materials, cozy, warm covers, sheets, towels, blankets, a very good choise of different kinds of pillows, the best etheric oils, properly adapted lightning and music, possibility to shower, guaranteed pricacy, no disturbance, ...

Good agreements


A good hygiene of both the giver and the receiver, of the space in which the massage is given, and of the materials that are used for the massage are of great importance. This is therefore self-evident.

Reporting obligation to be able to tune in properly

Before the massage begins, while we drink e.g. a cup of tea, there is all the necessary time for ample conversation. Because the massages that I give are depht massages it is important to be notified or told of any complaints, discomforts or diseases, so that I can adapt or tune or synchronise the massage accordingly.

Who am I ?

Diplomas and certificates

All massages are given by myself. The main massage-related diplomas/certificates that I obtained:

  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage
  • Thai Oil Massage
  • Thai Therapeutic Oil Massage
  • Thai Herbal Massage
  • Chair massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Shiatsu (4 yrs in Belgium)


I took the Thai Yoga and Thai Oil courses at good, reputable schools in and around Chiang Mai (in northern Thailand). The courses that I took and the qualifications that I obtained are acknowledged by the Thai government. The Thai governement doesn't go over these matterrs lightly. Massage has become a big economic factor in Thailand. Thai government has a reputation to uphold.

Shiatsu I followed at the East West Center in Antwerp, also a very good center of body work.

I try to return to Thailand every year to attend specialist follow-up courses and workshops.

I also follow courses and attend classes or workshops in other somehow related disciplines such as meditaition, massage courses in other disciplines. It gives me great satisfaction. For me it's a lifestyle that I like to pass on and/or share.

Practical information

For your Information: in most of professional massage places in the Flanders, Brussels or Belgium (massage centers, saunas, etc.), the conditions for THIS type of massage are altogether unsuitable and/or incredibly expensive - taken into account (all of them are important) *the required materials and space, *the required skills, and *the duration of two and a half hours in total of a session, of which two hours are effectively for the massage itself (for balance, this is the necessary time.

Appointment Time

We simply agree to an appointment that suits both you and me. That can be any time or any day (eventully also on on holidays or sundays).

Meeting place

I do this at my home in the center of Leuven (near Sint-Jacobsplein)

Parking in the neighborhood is easy and with a little luck even free of charge.

How long does the massage last?

In order to achieve the necessary effect and the necessary balancing a treatment will last about two hours. In total, you'll be at my place around two and a half hours.

I do not look at the clock though.


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